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Perimeter Pest Control
The Lawn Maxx Perimeter Pest Control Program can keep spiders, ants and other insects outside where they belong - all season long! Keep invading pests outside before they enter your home!

With Lawn Maxx Perimeter Pest Control, you will have an odorless, invisible outdoor repellent against pests - giving you the best protection against invading pesky insects.

Each treatment will help prevent additional insects from entering your home:

Foundation Coverage: Cracks, crevices and the base of your house can hide insects. It's through these that pests get inside your living area. Thatís why we cover those areas thoroughly.

Ground Covers: Ground cover offers insects a wet, shady place to hide! Our specialized treatment can help keep them at bay.

Perimeter Strip: With a surrounding strip around your entire property we can help prevent additional invading insects.

Let us help you protect your home and yard.