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Complete Turf Care Programs, Customized for Your Lawn
With our customized lawn care programs we can give you a greener, healthier, weed-free LawnMaxx lawn! Don't forget to ask about the LawnMaxx Natural Program! A LawnMaxx green lawn, for a greener future!
  • Lawn Maxx Early Pre-Emergent Application - With the excessively hot summers and earlier springs we're experiencing, crabgrass is rampant. We've developed stronger crabgrass prevention with this early pre-emergent round.
  • Lawn Maxx Pre-Emergent Application - This application will begin the process of fighting off that pesky crabgrass, helping prevent broadleaf weeds and begin the Lawn Maxx fertilizer system.
  • Lawn Maxx Spring App - Slow release fertilizer along with broadleaf Weed Control - This application is very important in the weed control process.
  • Lawn Maxx Summer App - Slow release fertilizer with Iron & broadleaf Weed Control - This application helps maintain your lawn's color through the tough summer days as well as keeping broadleaf weeds under control.
  • Grub Control - Season-Long 100% Guaranteed Grub Control
  • Lawn Maxx Post-Emergent App - Crabgrass appears in July. You can't stop it; you can only contain it. Our post-emergent app contains upwards of 60% of crabgrass with one application.
  • Lawn Maxx Late Summer Application - Low burning slow release fertilizer with Iron & Micro-Nutrient - This application will give your lawn the boost it needs coming out of summer.
  • Lawn Maxx Fall App - Broadleaf Weed Control & Mineral Fertilizer - This is the most important application for controlling broadleaf weeds the following spring.
  • Lawn Maxx Winterizer - Mineral Fertilizer - This application will help your lawn get through the winter and bounce out in the spring.
  • Aeration - Aerification relieves soil compaction, improves water and air movement into the soil and increases rooting to give you a jump start on your Lawn Maxx Turf care system.
  • Over Seeding - Overseeding will improve the thickness of your turf and give you the lush Lawn Maxx lawn you desire. Over seeding is done in conjunction with aeration.
The Lawn Maxx Complete Turf Care Program comes with FREE service calls!